Jenna was born in Couer d’Alene Idaho and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. She attended Franklin Regional School district until completion in 2015. She studied Point Park University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema Production and a minor in Creative Writing in April of 2019. She’s worked on many student films, including “Nightmare” as an editor, “Bunker” as writer and editor, and “Orgasma” as Production Designer. Jenna’s passion is photography, writing, and social media management. She’s posted on many book sharing sites including Inkitt and Wattpad, gathering over 50,000 views. She's also worked with local businesses to help develop their social media platforms. Her goal in life is to one day publish her own young adult fantasy novel while traveling the world with her dog and camera.

“In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.”

—Les Brown


Mission Statement

       I’ve traveled all over the United States and I’ve been to well over twelve different countries. Traveling is the backbone of my life and has taught me about many different cultures. Life isn’t just black and white. It’s a whole range of colors. I grew up in Murrysville, known specifically as "the bubble" due to the tight-knit community.


        I come from Couer d’Alene a small town located in the “smokestacks” of Idaho. I was born there and spent three weeks of my life sleeping in the top drawer of a hotel room (open of course).  From there, my adoptive parents took me back to their city, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Right from the beginning, I've been traveling. It's been a huge part of my life. 

       Traveling around the world is a search for my identity. Because I don’t know my family history, or where I come from and because I’m adopted, I’ve always been a little lost.  I've always struggled day to day to find what makes me happy. Photography and writing fantasy are two of my many passions. I want to help people to escape day to day life while relishing in the realities of different cultures. 


Studying Cinema Production at Point Park's taught me so many different things. Cooperation, Organization, how to handle a video camera, as well as the editing software known as Avid, has helped me understand the world of film. I'm a hard working individual and I don't quit easily. 




I've taken intermediate and advanced editing classes and assisted on multiple projects. I also know my way around a multitude of editing programs. 


Production Design

I've taken a production design classes. I've realized it's a lot like what my dad does with construction and I find the work to be right up my ally. I've designed a set for a production class and helped on another.  



 Photography is a huge passion of mine. In high school I took two photography classes and at Point Park, I took a black and white class and learned to use film.  Recently I've completed my first commissioned job. I also enjoy editing the final photos with retouching and color adjustment.



I'm also getting a minor in creative writing. The classes have taught me poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. I've completed three books, and have posted on book sharing sites such as Wattpad and Inkitt. Individually each book has garnered 50,000 views. My focused genres are fantasy and science fiction.


Graphic Design

I've taken four different graphic design classes. I know how to make logos, pamphlets, posters, and well as small animations, all within the Adobe Suite. 


During my time at Point Park, I've also had two jobs. Finding balance to a crazy life, with my major, minor, and work has been difficult. But in order to have balance, there has to be


Customer Service

in downtown Pittsburgh, I would still be struggling to make conversation. I'm still introverted but it used to hold me back. Moving to Pittsburgh, and working downtown I've learned to work with others. I've also learned how to make a customer happy and do what they want versus thinking only about myself. 





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